Blue Beam

About Us

Blue Beam is a dynamic and genre-blending alternative rock and funk band hailing from the heart of the Chicago landscape. Their unique sound blends the raw energy of rock with the soulful grooves of funk, creating a high-octane musical experience that will leave you dancing and singing along. With their roots firmly planted in the Windy City, Blue Beam is taking the music world by storm, delivering electrifying performances and unforgettable soundscapes that are sure to leave a lasting impact. So come get ready to rock, funk, and groove with Blue Beam!

Blue Beam‘s music is a reflection of their diverse influences, from the soulful sounds of Motown to the alternative rock of the 90s. They have a distinct and captivating sound that is all their own, incorporating elements of funk, rock, and soul to create a genre-defying musical experience. Their dynamic live performances are renowned for their high energy and upbeat vibe, making them a popular choice for festival crowds and concertgoers alike.

But Blue Beam is more than just a band – they are a movement, a rallying cry for fans of all ages who share a love of genre-blending, boundary-pushing music. With their strong ties to the Chicago community, they have become a beloved local staple, and are quickly gaining a following beyond the city limits. Whether you’re a die-hard rock fan or just looking for a good time, Blue Beam is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired and empowered. So come join the Blue Beam movement and experience the future of alternative rock and funk for yourself!


April 13th 2024 LIVE @ Cubby Bear

1059 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613

no more to show right now, be sure to come back later! 🙂



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 ____   _      __ __    ___      ____     ___   ____  ___ ___ 
|    \ | T    |  T  T  /  _]    |    \   /  _] /    T|   T   T
|  o  )| |    |  |  | /  [_     |  o  ) /  [_ Y  o  || _   _ |
|     T| l___ |  |  |Y    _]    |     TY    _]|     ||  \_/  |
|  O  ||     T|  :  ||   [_     |  O  ||   [_ |  _  ||   |   |
|     ||     |l     ||     T    |     ||     T|  |  ||   |   |
l_____jl_____j \__,_jl_____j    l_____jl_____jl__j__jl___j___j
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